Better Life App Challenge General Terms & Conditions


The Better Life App Challenge is a multi-month process hold and run by Dotopen, S.L. with tax identification number B64608086 and registered office in Spain, Barcelona, 08005 Carrer Zamora 46-48 (“Appcircus”) designed to help App makers around the world to create and improve their app solutions around two main challenges:

  1. Live a Better Life: create apps to help people develop as individuals
  2. Live Better Together: how might we all contribute to challenges our society faces?

While the primary objective of this App Challenge is to build an ecosystem of Apps around the above mentioned challenges, an important secondary objective is to learn about interesting approaches and ideas in app development and connect to the community of app creators as an important component of this and future innovation projects.

2.Participation and Submissions

In the Better Life App Challenge , developers will compete for the prizes stated in Section 3.1 below. In order to be eligible to compete, developers must create a working app, focusing on solving one or more of the stated problem statements, as explained on the project webpage App shall meet the requirements set forth in Section  

The Better Life App Challenge consists of two phases: online incubation and online competition.

2.1. Online incubation

The online incubation process facilitates app development within the challenge, it enables the creation of multi-disciplinary teams, online collaboration, and support from mentors and experts as well as peers. It is open and free for any app creator, i.e. developers, designers, marketeers, communicators, or just people with a good idea etc.

Registration for the Better Life App Challenge will start on July 9, 2016 and will be open until September 30, 2016 (23:59 (GMT +2)) . During this period, participants can create teams if needed and present their ideas and projects to get valuable 360º feedback from the mentors and experts. Mentors and the community are available to provide support along the process to help on the app development with the tools and processes made available.

2.2. Online Competition

The Online Competition will be announced in October 2016 along with the deadline for submitting the apps. All apps that fulfill the requirements of the Better Life App Challenge and its rules, regardless of platform, are eligible .

In November 2016, for a period including at least 5 business days, all submitted eligible apps will be open for public voting and Jury evaluation. Nine apps selected by the Jury (to be announced) and the winner of the public vote will become the 10 finalist apps that will present in an event to be announced for December 2016.

Developers can submit their app directly to the Online Competition if they wish, independently of whether they participate in the online incubation process. However in this case they are not eligible to participate in the mentoring sessions and obtain valuable information from our mentors, for this reason we strongly recommend to register and participate to the online incubation process.

2.3 General rules for how to participate at the online incubation

  • The intellectual rights derived from the app belong to its creator (person, team or company).
  • Participation to the online incubation is FREE and open to any developer, startup or company.
  • All registered participants have the right to use as frequent as they wish any of the pubic communication tools of the platform in order to interact with the mentors and the other users: forums, webinars, hangouts, posts and online discussions.
  • Use of appropriate language on these channels is required (the organization reserves the right to ban users that use any kind of offensive language).
  • Each participant has access to free mentoring sessions offered during the incubation period. Places for mentoring sessions are subject to availability on a first come first serve basis.
  • Confidentiality of all information exchanged during private interactions with mentors is ensured.
  • Most interactions on the online incubation platform will be done in Spanish.

2.4 General rules for submission of apps at the online competition

  • Submissions and presentations to the online competition are FREE and open to any developer, startup or company.
  • The competition is open to apps running on any platform. Apps must be available on a store before finalists are announced.
  • Applicants can submit more than one app. However only one app from each applicant can be chosen as a finalist.
  • Apps are submitted on the Online Competition through the AppCircus platform at and Conditions of AppCircus apply.
  • Applications must address the problem statements stated online at . Any app not following the conditions, rules and requirements of this App Challenge will not be eligible to participate.
  • Selected applicants must agree to send one representative to present the app live on stage on the award ceremony.
  • The apps selected will have three minutes to pitch on stage.
  • The pitches will be done in either Spanish or English.

2.5 Evaluation Criteria

  • Addresses the problem statement and solves a real user’s needs
  • Quality of user interface
  • Technical and operational feasibility
  • Economic and financial sustainability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Team effort
  • And public voting

3.Final award and prizes

10 teams/individuals with the most highly rated apps will be selected for the final round and will be asked to present their app for 3 minutes at the award event.

The on-stage jury will select the Best App (first prize) and a Runner Up App (second prize). The winner of the Online Competition (Most Popular App) will also be given a prize (third prize).

3.1 Cash Prizes

  • The person/team behind the Best App: five thousand (5,000) USD
  • The person/team behind the Runner Up App: three thousand (3,000) USD
  • The person/team behind the Most Popular App: one thousand (2,000) USD

3.2 App Promotion

All 3 winners will be exposed to Softonic’s 100 million approximately unique monthly users and over 20 million email subscribers by being featured in the “Softonic Showcase”, a special section of Softonic’s website.

3.3 Partnership/Acceleration Program

All 3 winners will be considered for a potential partnership and acceleration program with Softonic consisting of launching their app to the world by tapping into our growth hacking, product development and monetization expertize.